Last weekend, June 29&30 2024, the picturesque city of Deventer played host to an unforgettable international canoepolo tournament that brought together elite teams from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and Great Britain. The event was nothing short of spectacular, with perfect weather conditions setting the stage for an incredible display of athleticism and sportsmanship.

As the tournament progressed, spectators were treated to a dazzling showcase of canoepolo skills. The competition was fierce, with each team demonstrating exceptional prowess in the water. In the end, the Dutch team Viking Venlo emerged victorious, narrowly defeating the home team Deventer in a nail-biting final match that had everyone on the edge of their seats. You can find all the result at

However, the excitement didn’t end with games. The Saturday night party was nothing short of legendary. The organizing committee pulled out all the stops, hosting an enormous party that will be remembered for years to come. The internationally renowned Dutch artists “de Bambi’s” took to the stage, delivering an electrifying performance that had everyone dancing late into the night.

Adding to the festivities, a large hot tub was set up, quickly becoming a popular spot for revelers to relax and mingle. The party atmosphere was electric, with athletes and fans alike letting loose after days of intense competition.

The tournament’s success and the subsequent celebration caught the attention of major newspapers, read more about it in De Stentor.

As the finals were played on Sunday, participants and spectators alike departed with smiles on their faces, already looking forward to next year’s tournament. For many, it was unanimously agreed that this had been the best and most amazing canoepolo experience ever, setting a new standard for future events in the sport.

Internation toernament 2024 Deventer party